Poster Guidelines

Accepted poster abstracts are to be submitted in two formats for both in-person and virtual:

  • A digital PDF poster is required to be submitted prior to the conference, which will be uploaded to the conference digital platform in a virtual gallery.
  • Printed posters will be displayed onsite at the Adelaide Convention Centre (ACC), these will need to be printed by the presenter and displayed on the correct numbered board as per the instructions received.

All poster presenters have the option to submit a pre-recorded 3 minute video presentation to accompany their PDF poster in the platform virtual gallery.

Selected authors will be invited to present their posters live in person at the ACC on Tuesday 3rd September 2024 and this will be streamed to the online conference platform.


Virtual PDF Poster

Your virtual Poster should be provided as an A4 Portrait PDF document that is 1-2 pages in length. You can create your poster using software such as PowerPoint, Word, or other design applications.

It is important that you provide the final file as a PDF document that is less than 5MB.

Printed Poster

Posters should be no larger than A0 (841mm x 1189mm) and strictly in portrait orientation. Posters must be printed by presenters prior to arriving to the conference.

Pre-Recorded Video

Your presentation must go for no longer than 3 minutes and use no more than a maximum of 3 slides. You will then be required to submit this video as a YouTube link. Further instructions are provided below on how to record and convert your video.

Live Poster Presentation

If you are selected to give an oral presentation of your poster at the conference, you will be required to give a PowerPoint presentation live in-person at the ACC on Tuesday 3rd September, alongside the above poster formats. Your presentation should be saved as a 16:9 ratio PowerPoint file (not a PDF).

Supporting Assets

To assist you in preparing your poster/s please click any of the below to download.

Tips and Tricks

The poster should be a visual presentation of your abstract. You are encouraged to take a creative approach to its design.


The poster should be easily readable. The title should be the same as in the submitted abstract, preferably in the same format (upper case letters in bold). Include the title of your presentation at the top of the poster with the name of the author/s and institutional affiliation (name of institution, town, country). ASCIA prefers the use of full names, with the presenting author listed first.


Use upper and lower case for general content.

Avoid using a mixture of type/font styles. Arial font size 10 for the body text is preferred but larger font size for headers are accepted.

Consider varying font sizes to emphasise important text.


The contents of your poster must be clear without needing oral explanation.

After the title, the two most important subject headings are the Background and the Conclusion. These need to be concise.

If the results can be expressed with graphics, then they probably should be. Avoid large tables of data. Results should be in line with those originally submitted in your abstract.

Use pictures, symbols and colour. Figure legends are essential and should be short but informative. If using graphs, they should have a short heading.

Use the space to attract your audience for discussion, not to present complex details of methods and results. Use eye-catching images or a clever title to attract delegates to your poster.

Generating and Continuing the Discussion

While your poster will need to make sense on its own, depth of engagement comes from attendees interacting with you. Consider how your poster will help you in a range of discussions.

Submission Details

Virtual PDF Poster

Please submit your virtual PDF poster via the link you received in your acceptance email by no later than Tuesday 20th August 2024.

Printed Poster

You do not need to submit your printed poster prior to the conference. Please ensure you have printed your poster per the specifications before arriving to the conference. The conference will not be responsible for printing. In your acceptance email you will have received further instructions on your board number and the date/time that your poster will need to be displayed and dismantled.

Pre-Recorded Video

Please submit your pre-recorded video via the link you received in your acceptance email by no later than Tuesday 20th August 2024.

Live Poster Presentation

Live poster presenters are required to bring their PowerPoint presentation on a USB and submit to the directly to the speaker’s preparation room at the ACC, further instructions on the location of the speakers preparation room and opening times are provided within your acceptance instructions email.


If you have any enquiries related to your poster please contact the Conference Secretariat. ICMS Australasia
P: +61 2 9254 5000